Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This was written 9/11/2015 . . . saved as a draft and never published.  I published tonight because I'm here reading a friends blog and looked at mine.  Oh well.  I started writing on the webpage, now it's the art page and i feel inclined to have to write specifically about my art projects.  Feeling glum.

There are times when I have a lot to say, and tell myself to stay calm and be quiet.  Today, I'm feeling like sharing what's been happening since March, my last update.

Some of you know I was very involved this past year in finding my family roots, including trekking the countryside to photograph and physically "be" there, and experience those places my ancestors walked and grew up.

I followed my father's side this year, my Farmor came from Danish roots, both of her parents immigrating from Jylland, Denmark.

Lucky for me, the farm that my great grandfather was born in, is still standing.

A forest that my family helped plant is flourishing, a big part of the community and is one of the most magical places I've ever been.

Update (5/2017) I was told the farm no longer exists, the big farms took over.  Makes me sad, but glad i got to see it while I was there.

Monday, March 2, 2015

2015: The year is moving forward!!

I realized it was time for a bit of pondering and meandering here.  I haven't written since the end of last year, and much has transpired.

Wonderful opening of the year for me, after returning from an equally lovely 2 months in Europe.

I am working on a new project that involves the story of my family and the journey in finding my roots... it's been wild really, and so intriguing to me, that I sometimes get lost in all the details.

I recently returned from Montana, and found some new information regarding my Danish roots, on both sides, the Lodahls and the Jorgensens.

Between photographs, great great grandparents' writing, my own stories heard as a child, I am weaving (however haphazardly) a few things together to begin this work; work that feels like it could last me the rest of my life.  And for me, that's just fine.  I feel centered and grounded knowing the direction my work is to go, knowing how the creative process is:  It takes you in directions you can't even imagine.

I was offered a residency in the old hometown of where my ancestors came from, the western area of Jylland.  And I will be returning to Denmark in May, this year.  Of course, this presented a new challenge, but a welcome one, and I am excited to be working towards a presentation of some of this work I've been researching.

I think that's a piece missing in most people's mind, as to what do artists do all day?  At least for me, I do a lot of reference work.  It's like writing a book really.  And this time, it's a bit more focused and researched.  For me, painting, drawing, writing, require more than just doodling (and i doodle too), but inspiration comes and then so does the background work.

Regardless of the end result, this process is what drives me to continue.  Even when sometimes it feels like nothing is coming from it, the process is: keep at it.  I do trust that.  Maybe the work won't show the hours of time spent reading/listening/writing or sketching, but it all has to be done, at least for me.

So March is a busy time, now putting in some real studio time, preparing more for May and moving into the next phase of this project.  My head seems to always have this project in focus, and sometimes I need an outlet to let it go a bit.

As I reflect back on this past 9 months (almost a year in June, wow) outside of a day job, I'm more convinced, this was exactly the right timing for me.

I will post some snippets of sketches on the facebook page Robbin Milne's Art Page as I go, but mainly this project is in process.  Check in with me, it would be nice to hear from you!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Until we meet again . . .

Several friends have asked me about my trip recently, and about posting photos and my blog.

I’ve decided to visit my son before leaving, so this will be my last “blog” before heading out.  

I think it best for me to just post at one place.  

I will be updating my photo/sketches/story via my Facebook Art page located here: 

So if you’d like to follow, be sure to go to the page and like the page to get the notices.

It’s going to be a busy last couple of weeks before leaving, so have a great couple of months!!  I will hope to hear from you via Facebook, and that’s where I’ll leave any updates.

Have a great Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  I will be wandering during those holidays between Giverny France ending up in Copenhagen and the north of Denmark.

My best wishes to all of you!!  Since I’m not going to take my computer, I will update when I can!

Avoir un merveilleux Octobre et Novembre!

Heb een prachtige oktober en november!

Haben eine wunderbare Oktober und November!

Har en vidunderlig oktober og november!

See you mid-December!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Photographs inform my process

Lately, I've been roaming my local hillsides, shooting mostly skies.  The sunrise/sunset is predominant but lately just cloud formations.  Actually, I'm most attracted to shape and light.

Here's a few images from my photo shoots of late:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 2014

It’s been some time since I’ve written to share what’s happening in my art life.

It’s changing!  What a surprise.

As I seek to find the voice I will use in the next series, my life stories, my life continues to transition.

I will soon embark on a new discovery trip to Denmark, landing on the land of my Danish roots and am excited.

I have chosen not to show any work this year in regular venues or “open studio”,  as I prepare and create this new series.

Feel free to write to me if you are interested in any of the work you’ve seen in the past, I’d love for you to have it!

For now, I’m doing some cleaning and nesting: researching - as this new work feels significant to me.  

Of course always available for commissions.  

Look for my work and direction via twitter and Facebook, I will be sharing my journey soon!


Friday, January 17, 2014

David Hockney and His Bigger Picture...

I came out of my post December fog today and ventured into San Francisco for the last weekend of the David Hockney show.

David Hockney, to be honest, was never a favorite of mine.  In fact, I thought about missing this show because of the buzz about his "Ipad" drawings, and I thought, hmmm, do I really want to see that?   Well, I decided, yes.  Why not.  I have used my Iphone and have put my own paintings and drawings layered into Photoshop tools, to make a new image, so why not?

I'm so glad I did!!

Not only, was I wow'd, but I learned so much about this artist and found, as I usually do, places to resonate with his process and the way he views the world..

He took the last few years and did landscapes in his England surroundings and wow, I was inspired by the candidness of the work and also the prolific body he's created in such a short time.

He also recently, last Fall, suffered a stroke, and was unable to speak, and found painting a way of expressing.  I wondered if that inwardness also didn't help him in focusing on what was so vivid in nature and found his work absolutely fascinating.

Here is a video he made of his process.  Here he speaks about creating the large pieces and his "bigger picture". Nothing touches seeing this exhibit in person, and I wish I'd seen it a bit earlier, so I could revisit it.  Seeing his sketchbooks and 18 screen video work plus his charcoal drawings, what a retrospect!

Here is a video taken from his site, and a link to his Iphone drawings/paintings.  Seriously amazed by this one in particular.  The size of these works is also great.  He put smaller canvasses together to make the landscape like your were standing right in it.  Great respect for him.  I would turn the corner and feel like i was in the forest... his forest.  Several of us gasped when we got into the larger gallery.  He has all the seasons in charcoal and paint...

He speaks for the Telegraph about his Ipad work:  Starting with emailing his friends drawings from his iphone.

What is most satisfying to me, is, the show is not about the Ipad drawings, but instead about how the Ipad work informs his manual drawings and paintings.  I am inspired.  He repeatedly spoke (I had the audio show) about his need for capturing the many colors in nature when out on site, and how the Ipad lended to many quick sketches and color changes easily.  I love that!!

It was well worth the visit, and the museum was packed!!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

interesting day

Today began with my hard boiled eggs exploding, my kitties running wild and knocking over yet for the upteenth time two chairs they hurdle and my phone being left on the charger at home.

The phone being left at home was the best thing that's happened so far.

I've had a day without checking two email accounts, the facebook page, the words and phrases with friends games, the weather, the time in tokoyo, and even the clock.  WOW!

On my break I actually had time to sit and review the NYTimes as I used to before smartphone days, getting to the Op-Ed page and pondering and even feeling like writing again.  Something about the newspaper, reading and glancing and taking time to let your mind be without distraction, that allows the thoughts to gel and initiative to write surfaces.

The article that caught my attention today was in the Op-Ed section, regarding our food.

Being I've been focusing on our agriculture and agribusiness and the fields in particular, I read this article and thought it something worth sharing.

Our Coming Food Crisis
 by Gary Paul Nabhan, manages to cover the span of our heat wave, the growing economic cost of food, climate change legislation, water retention, green waste and even the seed crisis... needless to say a good article.
And yay, my lunch is over and I was able to spit out a few words again, just for the hell of it.