coffee and sketchbook

Was going to draw but need to document.

My neighborhood starbucks, drive-thru, sounds so yuppie, is yuppie, but all working class people here, no high faluting SF city types unless i'm too late for the commuter crowd.

Near retirement fireman, pudgy and gray.
Married man reading library book
teenage mommy with almost 2 year old
female gangsta type, all black, hat on backwards, sliver metalic striped shorts, sagged, tatts.
overworked, over tired middle age construction workers

oh my god i just saw a woman I worked with at PacBell -- and nearly choked. She's aged tremendously, granted she was at least 10 years my senior.

So i will do a drawing/writing/photograph a day for 30 days for brain/creative exercise, to keep me sane...

teenage mommy is most bothersome. She sat the little girl down hard in the chair, opened her lap top, sharply said, "EAT" and promptly propped her web cam on top of the laptop. When the little girl tried to eat, she grabbed the bite from her hand, took a bite herself, saying "NO", then offered her part of a bite, but snatched it away bcause the child wanted to hold the bite herself (obviously mom didn't want a mess) so when she offered another bite to the little girl, the little girl refused to eat from mom's hands . . . Now the little girl has the bagel smashed against her mouth licking and sucking it in delight. Mom is busy with her lap top.
Little girl and I have made eye contact a couple of times and shared smiles. And I feel she is so sweet, sharing her little happy face, so animated . . When we are young mommies, we sometimes get so distracted...

'mommy's laughing at the computer'


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