Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where I am today...

Okay.. where i am today is not so stuck but not moving too well either...

My sprained ankle is still big enough, looking like elephantitus and my cold is trying to settle into my chest with me beating it periodically and coughing like mad..

The sprain happened Monday morning doing nothing but getting up from writing and tripping on my slipper.. wow exciting.. i felt both stupid and older..

The cold I think I caught from the grandbabies I'd seen the previous Sunday, sigh.. but I wouldn't have missed the visit.

Artistically, I finished the interview I was asked to do for an artist blog and that will be published soon, I'll post it when it posts, and then went out to view a work/live space that may be a bit more inexpensive than keeping the place I'm in.

It is rough times for everyone.  Never would I believe that having a benefited 40 hour day job would create a hardship in living at my age, but with expenses going up to live and income decreasing, I'm feeling a bit on the edge of survival again, almost like it was when I had to gypsy around the county getting sub jobs trying to make 40 hours of income a week.. sigh again...

ok.. so the art.. let's really start here:

I committed myself to making this space work and began last weekend to de-clutter the space so I could continue my large series' and also clear out space to begin my new series based on both of my recent travel voyages.. (boom out went the ankle) but I'm making progress..

I'm trying not to let the body take me down.. My energy level has waned over the past years with these physical setbacks, but i'm still making it work ...

"The spirit of the tree" series is sitting in full view and before i pack it away I want to really be sure I'm ready to leave it the way it is. (for now)
(this still feels unfinished and has gone through many transformations...)

 spirit of the tree 3 panels, oil on wood 90 in x 78in.

I most definitely will begin with 3 new wood panels and am exploring doing those both mixed media and sketchbook manipulations.. new mexico and europe images are front and center in my mind and i feel compelled to use them for a show scheduled not until 2013 but there will be a venue before that.  In my mind, the series will be 9 pieces.


(always listening to music.. john lennon today, cd imagine..)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspirational Painter - Joan Mitchell

I've been doing so much drawing lately, I've missed the paint and the freedom of abstraction.. the photographs taken with the new hipstamatic application are moving me back to needing to paint abstractly too..

I am beginning (finally) a body of work based on my two recent trips.. the desert of new mexico and my european trip.

I feel the work will be concentrated in the abstract.  I look forward to seeing what will come.

Joan Mitchell is a big inspiration for me.  Her work gives me freedom in my brush.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Susan Rothenberg - Painter

I saw Susan's work in NYC when I graduated from Mills College over 10 years ago.  I'd seen her work in books but in person of course, like most art, it was breathtaking... she is one of the many artists I see as inspirational and i look to as a mentor..