Tuesday, April 26, 2011

nothing will keep me

from keeping the focus on my art...

difficult as it's been this week with the ramp up at the day job for negotiations.. focus has remained, but i find myself once again putting my creative self last... hence tonight i am just getting to the work.. the real work...

i've been doing a bit of sketching again, began a "lunch time" series.. that i have posted nothing at all.. i wanted it to be a daily practice,.. and the correspondence for union activities have taken precedence.. but only for this week.. ha..
we'll see..

Diebenkorn has always been one of my favorite artists... i found it interesting about his not really been supported for his avocation towards painting.. i never was either..
his work sings off the canvas ... if you've never seen it in a museum or's a must..

my own work is taking an abstract turn once again
excited to be painting abstractly again

environmental series

Monday, April 18, 2011

My first love: Abstraction

Yesterday while painting my new series based on environment i felt like i was learning once again the basics of painting.. for almost a year my work has been more focused on the figure and more about drawing and quick sketches.. what i realized yesterday was that year of figure work has fed and helped my abstraction work..

After becoming comfortable again with exploring the medium and knowing that i was painting about a subject but that the reality was more about the "act" of painting and moving color and shape around the surface I became more free again.. the act of drawing and figure work puts a constraint on the work that i appreciate but in abstraction that same constraint exists but takes more of a back seat and I need this freedom..

I will explore again my first mentor in abstraction, re-reading again "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" by Kandinsky to discover again my own beginnings.. My first painting professor put this book in my hands as she observed my first abstract paintings.. I am ever grateful to her.

Friday, April 15, 2011

guston: my choice for today

I have got to let go of the energy sapping "day job"..
I have to let go of all the world bullshit..
I have to find a way to paint fulltime...

Today I will paint using the inspiration of Guston another huge mentor artist for me... he and Joan Mitchell have influenced my work and I retreat back to Guston today...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rothko: Spirit


Rothko was a mystery.. when i did a paper on him in art school, i found a troubled past, don't we all? ... his work has always intrigued me because i know there is a certain restraint and "zen" quality in his work, a spiritual awakening if you will..

I have sat in front of his work for lengthy periods and just felt it..

the red piece in the beginning of this video just resonates with life..passion
His washes over layers of paint creates a field of movement.. i love how this video lets you sit with it...

I never thought I'd say this, because I have no real desire to go to Texas (ever) but I would like to see Rothko's chapel

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

painters block


i think i could be having painters block
sort of like a writer's block... 
i have 7 solid series going, they are all calling to me... 
and there are 3 others making me want to scream too,
percolating in my brain.. i think i may explode.. 
i need to scribble tonight and see what comes... 
this is my painters block!!



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The babies: Make my day job a joy!

today, J.J. (8 months old) came to peekaboo class and was talking.. his baby pre-verbal skills were really working.. he was excited, he was looking at me as he came in the room a little early while i was setting up, and he just started to tell me about his day and life.. it was amazing..he used his body too, his arms were moving up and down as he talked and even waited for my response.. it was the most wonderful experience.. He settled in and Ryan came in .. he started to crawl towards the blue box that has several manipulatives to play with and J.J. began talking to him.. Ryan stopped and listened and continued his journey.. caretakers giggled and J.J. again made it known to Ryan that he was speaking to him.  Ryan listened and made some noises and began playing (Ryan is more mobile in development, he's almost a year) and J.J. is more verbal.. then Michael came, just a year and Allie, who is now 14 mos... we started our hello song and rolling to ball to each child and all the children are now accustomed to our beginning routine and love the ball and hearing their names.. they roll the ball back and forth to me while we sing.. babies in my day job is probably the most rewarding part of my week..

A children's librarian sent this video today and even though a bit scientific feel it was so pertinent to my experience today.. The children that come regularly to our early literacy story time for infants really respond and begin to demonstrate early brain connections developmentally about language building and a joy for books which is all very important to be "ready to read" when they do enter a more structured "school" experience.. I must say.. I smile and laugh so much with these families.. it's really terrific...

Communication is so important.. I'm not sure i understand all that is in this video with all the technological science proving his findings.. all I do know is that babies love rhythm, rhyming, repetition, singing and rocking and making the reading time the most enjoyable time you can make it.. it all makes for good learning later on...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lucian Freud - Nothing can replace Painting...

The more I learn about Lucian Freud, the more I like him as a dedicated painter.

Yes, his work has always affected me:  It's visceral, bold and real.

Reading the book, "Man with a Blue Scarf: On Sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud", by Martin Gayford, I primarily was interested in the sitter's point of view. 

As a painter (and even though I have sat for other painters before) I was curious about their point of view of Lucian as a painter. 

This documentary shines a light on Freud as a great painter, one that is dedicated to his work and why his work is so engaging.

The video gives a great insight to an artist's world from the mouths of his family and those that have posed for him.. Lucian put his work first and was focused in creating from his immediate world... I love the tenacity of this artist...

The grueling task of painting from life, of sitting for hours while a painter layers and makes the character of a subject come forward is described here and gives a great insight to the work of an artist.. this artist, Lucian..

Even the fact that Lucian was Sigmund Freud's grandson is addressed by one of Lucian's daughters because of the controversial pose she is painted in.. but this expose of what it was like to be with her father is extraordinary... I wondered as I watched it, had the children ever expressed to Lucian what they felt..

The inside shots of his studio, his environment and how he painted is really most wonderful.. he painted what he saw, despite the criticism of being too accurate.. I love it..

I must find this and finish the film.. Here is the summary for the videos:
Unprecedented, intimate and revealing, this film weaves interviews with a large selection of work by one of the great artists of our century.

Lucian Freud 'Portraits' is an analysis of the artist as seen through the eyes of those who have been best placed to study him - his sitters. Over a period of two years, film-maker Jake Auerbach and Freud's biographer William Feaver filmed many of Freud's subjects, ranging from the late Duke of Devonshire and the now Dowager Duchess of Devonshire to fellow painters David Hockney and Celia Paul; from friends such as Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles to ex-lovers, daughters and grand-daughters.
I was very moved by the way this film portrays this amazing artist.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sheryl Crow - Always On Your Side ft. Sting

I just finished my first draft of the new webpage...
It's not a completed project yet, but it's better than the old one..
I am a lone ranger right now, funny I call myself that..
but it's strange not really being part of any artist group
and living in my studio by myself..

I will find an art critique group soon.
I miss collaboration.

The interview was posted today...
take a look..

tiffany de vos interviews robbin milne