Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The babies: Make my day job a joy!

today, J.J. (8 months old) came to peekaboo class and was talking.. his baby pre-verbal skills were really working.. he was excited, he was looking at me as he came in the room a little early while i was setting up, and he just started to tell me about his day and life.. it was amazing..he used his body too, his arms were moving up and down as he talked and even waited for my response.. it was the most wonderful experience.. He settled in and Ryan came in .. he started to crawl towards the blue box that has several manipulatives to play with and J.J. began talking to him.. Ryan stopped and listened and continued his journey.. caretakers giggled and J.J. again made it known to Ryan that he was speaking to him.  Ryan listened and made some noises and began playing (Ryan is more mobile in development, he's almost a year) and J.J. is more verbal.. then Michael came, just a year and Allie, who is now 14 mos... we started our hello song and rolling to ball to each child and all the children are now accustomed to our beginning routine and love the ball and hearing their names.. they roll the ball back and forth to me while we sing.. babies in my day job is probably the most rewarding part of my week..

A children's librarian sent this video today and even though a bit scientific feel it was so pertinent to my experience today.. The children that come regularly to our early literacy story time for infants really respond and begin to demonstrate early brain connections developmentally about language building and a joy for books which is all very important to be "ready to read" when they do enter a more structured "school" experience.. I must say.. I smile and laugh so much with these families.. it's really terrific...

Communication is so important.. I'm not sure i understand all that is in this video with all the technological science proving his findings.. all I do know is that babies love rhythm, rhyming, repetition, singing and rocking and making the reading time the most enjoyable time you can make it.. it all makes for good learning later on...

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