My first love: Abstraction

Yesterday while painting my new series based on environment i felt like i was learning once again the basics of painting.. for almost a year my work has been more focused on the figure and more about drawing and quick sketches.. what i realized yesterday was that year of figure work has fed and helped my abstraction work..

After becoming comfortable again with exploring the medium and knowing that i was painting about a subject but that the reality was more about the "act" of painting and moving color and shape around the surface I became more free again.. the act of drawing and figure work puts a constraint on the work that i appreciate but in abstraction that same constraint exists but takes more of a back seat and I need this freedom..

I will explore again my first mentor in abstraction, re-reading again "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" by Kandinsky to discover again my own beginnings.. My first painting professor put this book in my hands as she observed my first abstract paintings.. I am ever grateful to her.


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