nothing will keep me

from keeping the focus on my art...

difficult as it's been this week with the ramp up at the day job for negotiations.. focus has remained, but i find myself once again putting my creative self last... hence tonight i am just getting to the work.. the real work...

i've been doing a bit of sketching again, began a "lunch time" series.. that i have posted nothing at all.. i wanted it to be a daily practice,.. and the correspondence for union activities have taken precedence.. but only for this week.. ha..
we'll see..

Diebenkorn has always been one of my favorite artists... i found it interesting about his not really been supported for his avocation towards painting.. i never was either..
his work sings off the canvas ... if you've never seen it in a museum or's a must..

my own work is taking an abstract turn once again
excited to be painting abstractly again

environmental series


  1. Love the journal page! I was not familiar with Diebenkorn; thank you for the introduction. I really enjoy the abstract work Robbin. Wonderful. I'll keep track of your journal, you keep posting and i'll keep reading! Blessings

    Lane Stonecypher

  2. Thanks so much Lane, I think you get the gold star, my first commenter!! yay! thanks so much for the support and encouragement!


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