Rothko: Spirit


Rothko was a mystery.. when i did a paper on him in art school, i found a troubled past, don't we all? ... his work has always intrigued me because i know there is a certain restraint and "zen" quality in his work, a spiritual awakening if you will..

I have sat in front of his work for lengthy periods and just felt it..

the red piece in the beginning of this video just resonates with life..passion
His washes over layers of paint creates a field of movement.. i love how this video lets you sit with it...

I never thought I'd say this, because I have no real desire to go to Texas (ever) but I would like to see Rothko's chapel


  1. Hope you get to go see the Rothko Chapel -- and BTW there's a lot more to Texas than cowboys and idiot politicians, although those seem to dominate the media's perception of us. (Wonder why?) As an artist, I can't say it's not frustrating sometimes. But, you may be pleasantly surprised in what you'd find here! Good luck!


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