prayers... music is prayer... art is prayer...

This morning I found that my dear Mormor is again in the hospital, second time this week.. she's ok according to folks down there, I should have left and gone on down to see her this past friday.. i don't know how to pray anymore.. seems the prayers don't seem to be heard about much of anything of concern to me these days..

music is prayer.. i lift you up mormor and this music is my prayer for your speedy recovery.. at 98 I know your moments here on earth are clicking... i'm booking a train for an overnight ...

a bit more about Natalia..

One more spin around the sun
The difference of a year
And I’ve been living like I’m on the run
But I keep ending up back here
Keeping it in between the ditches
Having the most fun I can
I’m on the search for the world’s best sandwich
I never said I had lofty plans
My plan was you
Your plan was me
So with all those people listening we said
All those ways you do
We said always
Is that something you undo?
All those times we drove out west
Into the tyranny of the setting sun
I said, “So close your eyes and rest
Even soldiers get to sleep some.”
That’s how you needed me to see you:
Full of bravery
Nothing has more fragility
Than saying
All those was you do
Is that something you undo?
So we go spinning around this star
On some things we rely
Like when things get hard
You’ll throw your hands up in the sky
And then there is no you
There is no me
There’s only stars witnessing
All those ways we do


  1. .... this filled me up !!! thank you !!

  2. hi suzie, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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