frankenthaler has always struck me, her boldness, the largeness of her work, the simplicty, the confidence.

Her work gives me permission even though i dont' need it, to paint my feelings, to risk trying new ideas and most of all, to enjoy myself in the work.

 untitled rtm 2008

Willem deKooning, too, his boldness and use of large canvas and brushstrokes influenced me early on... even today, i look at his work as a reference, as a fresh and new way of painting.

untitled rtm 2009

Matisse's bold color and how he divides his space, composes the work with his figures, collages, mixtures of contrasting and complimentary values, texture still play a big part of how i look at compostion and bringing light into the work...

Each time I study their work, I learn something new.

untitled rtm 2007


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