A New Medium Option ~ Cyanotype

Nothing like mixing it up, but truly, it is right in line with my process!!

I love photography, though I'm very amateur, and I know I'm very impatient!!!

I have been trying out some new mediums to introduce into my work, some of course I've done all along, like collage and drawing with painting, text and writing etc.. but transfers have always intrigued me, and cyanotype is playing with light and monochromatic substrate, what a wonder for me to use in layering!!!

I found myself today during my first time experimenting again and very curious, wow, what a shot in the arm!!

Anyway, it is just the beginning of another way of incorporating the "whole" me in my expression.  Yes I'm a painter, yes, i'm a sculptor, Yes I draw and write, yes, I take photographs.. I love this new explosion of opportunity!!!

Cyanotype, or blueprint is the oldest photographic printing process.  It was invented by Sir John Herschel in 1840.  Engineers and architects commonly used it to reproduce technical drawings.

The cyanotype has the honor of being the first photographic medium used to illustrate a book.  A botanist by the name of Anna Atkins used cyanotypes to copy her botanical specimens and used these prints to illustrate her book on British Algae in 1848.

This is a fascinating history for me.. I know I will be digging in to this with fervor to extrapolate my own voice using an old process.. it's so exciting for me!

I used multiple substrates, starting with a premiere presentation print paper, raw canvas, gesso'd cardboard, silk... i look forward to using these as a work on their own, also using them in the paintings, drawing and painting over them, there's tons of possibilities... this is only my first try... More of what I did today at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley CA, on my facebook page Art of Robbin Milne - Visual Artist



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