I must need to write...

This past weekend, I spent time in the studio, trying to clean out about 10 years worth of work i
I've collected.. Let me say, I just made a bigger mess than I had, so many things I had forgotten about, so instead, I spent it documenting some of the work so I could reuse it or toss it. 

Work made since 2000, when I left the comfort of art school, and began the journey of an artist trying to make it in the big art world and still survive. 

I laugh:  today, I'm still trying to survive, day job has become more encompassing then intended, and now it feels like I need to restructure to carve time for art to become once again the focus of my work. 

So I inhale a BLT, write a blog, (writing helps me sort my thoughts), and prepare to attend an after work meeting, well,... it used to be I'd be running to the studio before and after work... it's been a transition having my live space be also my work space, it's coming along...

As the coming 10 year mark for the tragedy in New York, and the world rolls around, (I put it out of my mind mostly, it reminds me of too many harsh realities, and brings back a lot of heartache both personally and universally), it is hard to put it away when I began reading "let the world spin" and also hearing tidbits again referring to the "coming 10 year anniversary" on NPR over the past couple of weeks..

Let the world spin


I reflected a bit on what happened and what I remembered.

It' not unlike many markers in life, those that make or leave a big impression; marriage, birth, death, your first grandbaby, your son leaving for the military... any of those things leave a lasting memory..

So for me, thinking of where I was when I heard the news of 9-11, I could easily remember:  helping a friend newly released from jail, having finally finished my art degree, working for the county (a day job), and then more memories flooded..

How my son, newly beginning law school stated, "they won't need a draft, i'll volunteer for this" when speaking of an impending war after the event. 

I remember donating my art for remembering those that died, and that my art then had much text woven within.

I also did a lot of political/anti-war/anti-bush administration drawing... i drove myself mad really.
work i never thought I'd show...

Amazing what 10 years holds.

I wandered around this weekend, looking at the mess of my studio, and began shuffling things around deciding what to get rid of, i'm absolutely without anymore space to live and work here, so i need to give away art, throw it out or find a buyer!

As I moved drawings and paintings around, i began to document many things that were older, and some never seen, even the stuff that i never would have showed anyone really, and again, it became a documentation of the past 10 years. 

From life drawings

and abstractions

and various objects

my work has evolved and i find it difficult to really throw some out just because it does document where i was as an artist at that period..

 and i'm one that reuses my materials and my work in other work, so ... i make a bigger mess trying to clean out the space..


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