deep concern

Part of my personal commitment is to speak out about environmental issues, primarily those that impact the ocean and nature.

Last year when the BP blowout occurred, it reminded me of where I originally found my deep concern for our oceans. 

1969 in Santa Barbara, I was 11.  We were just moving to Northern CA and the spill there had made a huge impact to my own life because I saw our beaches that I played and grew up on covered in sticky gooey oil and we were told we couldn't be on the beaches.

My father was quite active in speaking out about political issues, and this was no different.. I watched how that community became strong and stood up for changing what happened off the shores of the CA coast.. much was gained by coming together and fighting and writing to our government to find ways to protect our coastal life.

I haven't watched TV in quite a while, but tonight I turned on CSPAN booktv (a type of reader's advisory for me in my day job) and found Antonia Juhasz  speaking on her book "Black Tide: The Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill" and found myself once again compelled to renew my commitment in my own activism and artwork to bring attention and work at that one important issue.

I was inspired by a photographer some months ago to do a documentation series based on his inspiring images that deal primarily with what he sees as a root cause that are continuing and feeding the tragedies we are seeing as those in the BP oil spill, the mining and other scars that are being made in the name of "consumerism".

His book is in my personal library and is groundbreaking I think in showing, with his talent/art, his extreme commitment and integrity in bringing to the public this tragedy happening in front of our eyes.

Here is another artist, Edward Burtynsky, relates his insights and his commitment towards sustainability.

I have watched his film

Here he speaks about his work:

Both of these artists are making huge steps in my mind to translate their art into a strong "beam" on issues that are occurring now in our immediate world and local communities.

My "black and white and red all over" series is a depository series for me to express those more political/rage invoking issues.  I feel that finally, this series will be unfolding to also encompass those environmental issues i feel so completely helpless with making any significant changes, except for my own actions and using my voice and my way of bringing focus to them.


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