be brave...

it always happens: i come home from a day of negotiations, feel stifled, feel like nothing is heard, and end up wanting to shout and make some sort of noise.

sometimes i swim, sometimes i walk, sometimes i rant and sometimes i paint.

lately, i feel very closed about expression.

i start to mull over what action i can take.

i rationalize that small steps are good, and better than none.

i still feel very frustrated and see the obvious shutdowns of free speech around the world, the nation, the state, counties, and cities and workplaces to be a huge ugly disease.

I just watched a video and read a story about a Wall street media brownout, did you hear about this on your tv the other day?  I'm guessing you didn't. Be sure to scroll down and watch the police and the protesters.

The fear is palpable these days.  Those in power do not want to hear our frustration and our concerns or recognize there are very large imbalances ballooning exponentially.  Instead of looking at the root and coming to see and hear people's legitimate anger as valid; crushing the voice, singling out people that stand up, punishing or reprimanding those that risk doing the right thing for the whole, is becoming commonplace in everyday operations.

It's not enough to be quiet anymore.
It's right to continue to voice concerns.
It's time now to be brave.
(thank you to my fellow coworker for her braveness)

I'm not sure where I'm going with this tonight, but I needed to write, maybe i will walk, and then see what comes.


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