... the journey...

Quite the process... well, I dub myself a process painter, so that fits, but to unbury my studio space and go through 10+ years work has been quite an ordeal for me, and it feels like I'm excavating and investigating: seeing my voice evolve.

I have been sorting out my work from the past 18 years, and seeing the mass quantities of drawings and paintings made in life drawing and painting classes is overwhelming.

Memories of the time the work was made in, memories of the explosion of creativity i have been emmersed in;  it's been an emotional dig.

I am documenting the work (some has never been photographed) so I can then reuse the material or discard it. Though this is not professional documentation as in a portfolio style, it seems tedious too.

I use many layers in my work, and so I am both excited to be able to discover some of the old work again and to see the threads of continuity in my expression. On the other hand, I have difficulty seeing that any of it should be thrown out as it documents my journey. I may for now decide some is ready for reuse, the other is ready (most likely in an unfinished state) to be set aside for another review...

... the problem is space..

My art professor at Mills, Hung Liu, gave me a good foundation for exploration. It is nice to hear her voice and her story again in this video, and to be reminded of her teachings. I recently saw her work in the San Francisoc airport leaving for Europe this past November. On the way to the airport, I said hello to her by chance. She was eating in a restaurant with printmaster David Salgado, they were taking a break ... what a treat to see her again. When I saw her work hanging directly over the boarding gate I was taking that day, I felt it was a definite sign for me, of good fortune.


And so begins my story of the Europe trip, a whole body of work still to be created.

I just have to keep going forward.

Here are a few older pieces found today in reorganizing.

and p.s.
is this
not cool?



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