Simple Pleasure

maya and i walked down her street
she showed me the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk
she showed me the letters in the cement
i asked her what she heard, "a lawnmower grandma"

we saw the pumpkin decorations
we saw the ghosts hanging from the trees
we saw the black bird on the sign
she asked me to touch the dried worm on the ground

"let's take this home for daddy", she said as she picked up
a brown leaf
then she squished it and said look grandma
yes, now there's just a stem, it was dry wasn't it?

running ahead, she stopped and said "lets go to the park"
sure i said, and we walked together finding solace in the sun
i want my pony out grandma,
and she ran along with her hair blowing in the wind

we rested on the bench, she ran her fingers along the lines
the metal sculpture, the legs of the insect
she walked on the edge of the walk, just on the grass
we found a shady tree spot and took off our shoes to feel the coolness..

let's swing, and we did
higher grandma
go under me
can we swing again before going home?

the slide, the beam, the bridge
jumping and laughing
eyes and ears open
what do you see maya?

we looked and we saw
the red tail soaring
the wings outstretched
we became birds and butterflies

swings soaring water wet
sweaty faces
smiles and

walking home we loved
hold me grandma
hand in hand
will you stay for quiet time?

I love you Maya
I love you too
walking walking hop hop hop
running running
now let's stop...

rtm 2011


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