what is voice?

wow, it's been a long time since i allowed myself time to really hear my creative voice.

long days where my focus has been in places that feel important, but in the long run are very draining.

I listened to DW Wilson several weeks back, and listened to it several times because he resonated so closely to how i feel or what i feel is important in creating.

My new series based on my trip to europe exactly a year ago this week, is the only thing right now I'm focusing on creatively.

I have only one or two drawings i want to do before the end of the year, but the new series is entirely where my focus is.

I have been reading about painters, photographers, and will review my images from the trip, specifically 3 areas. Paris, Honfleur and the streets of Florence. Rome will be available for reflection, but I know for sure there are several images I will focus on from that trip.

Wilson talks about his voice, and how he doesn't begin with knowledge of where his story will take him, likewise, I begin my work only with a few thoughts and inspirations and allow for the work to inform the finished piece.

He talks too about studying the masters. I normally don't do a lot of looking at work before beginning a body of work, but for this one I decided to allow myself some immersion into the painters that inspire me and have painted these places.

Study takes place over a chunk of time, and I constantly am looking at work from many artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and musicians, poets and authors.. dancers too.. all art and artists inform me. At least the ones that I like and tend to review over and over.

Listen to DW Wilson, then listen again, he speaks quickly, but he has a lot of great insight.


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