Goodbye 2011

It's nearing the close of 2011 and I'm looking forward to it.

It's been a very tulmultuous time this year and I am not clear on what's in the future.  I'm ready for a new chapter.

I sing this weekly in the peekaboo storytime i give at my library day job.  It opens the program and brackets the half hour of joy i experience with unconditional love.  I hold that time very near and dear to my heart. 

[Hi, hello and how are you?
 How are you? How are you?
 Hi, hello and how are you?
 How are you today? :)]

In this world there is not enough of that love it seems, and hurt and anger and hate seems to be all around.  Impatience and distrust and a distinct disrespect is prevalent, it saddens me.

I wish all of my family, friends and loved ones a sweet new year in whatever way you can find it.  Be well and take good care.

[Goodbye, goodbye we'll see you soon,
 See you soon, see you soon,
 Goodbye, goodbye we'll see you soon,
 On another day. :)]

(to the tune of London Bridge, the nursery rhyme)

Taking the end of the year off from social networking.
Keep smiling and shining your love, celebrate good times and small treasures...


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