anger and the artist


It is such an appropriate topic
In this culture of fast pacing
In this disposable world
out with the old in with the new
It's important to take time
and feel emotions that
are rising inside to be expressed.

Artists, as Anais Nin addresses in the video below
are expressing those emotions that are in all of us,
expressing what is universal
but pushing those expressions
to another level, to be seen and heard..

Tonight I attend the reception for couRAGE 

a show that cultivated artists in my local community expressing many levels of emotion for multiple issues of importance.  I am pleased to say, I did risk putting in a piece not ordinary for me to create, nor for me to show in public.

A journalistic piece, expressed in a moment of frustration about multiple issues I feel strongly about. The ongoing wars, my own personal acceptance and struggle with a son entering the military, the inequities i witness daily between the labor and management of business, politics, the crumbling as i see it in our world of democracy, or at least the crumbling once more of my perception of how i see or thought the world was. The discrepancies of life, living on life's terms of course, we have always known, life is not easy.

We are never in a vacuum. Others around us are always creating some influence. It is up to us to sort through what fits for us and what is someone else's projection. I am in a place of total circumspection, everything is under scrutiny, nothing is trusted on face level. Times are such; ripe for birth of expressing what is or has been kept under wrap or corked inside. Intentions to bring world peace or even peace to a small corner of our own world can be inflationary and grandiose.

Being honest and real is primary. All expression is worthy.


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