Labor Day 2012

Okay, so I broke my truce to be silent the rest of today, Labor Day, 2012. 

I just heard from a friend that called me an "addict" to Facebook.  Putting posting and commenting (especially about politics) first before my basic needs, like eating and painting.

Well, sure, I'm an addict by nature.  But no, I've been pretty calm over the past 4 years, weening myself from CSPAN due to the overwhelming frustration of continuous obstruction from the Republican side of the House.  I just had more on my plate locally in "my own backyard" so to speak, politically, over the past 2 years and have opted to be quiet.

This particular friend had not seen my rants about Bush over the past 12 years... prior to him taking office and during the ugly 8 years he was there, plus the lead up to Obama taking office when we had the ridiculously inept candidates of McCain and Palin.  Remember those days?

Well, they're back in disguise and backed fully by the same culprits we had in the days of Bush.  Rove and now Koch Brothers are swinging full tilt into moving their candidate in, and as I recently saw on the Jon Stewart clip, probably to pave the way for the younger Jeb Bush in 2016 if Mitt doesn't make it.

I write today because I read more and more about the insidious process we are obliged to follow because that's all we have.  The election.  The election that is now more than ever funded by corporate interests.  NO one has to tell me it's on BOTH sides.  I know that.

But I write more about how we as a society tend to throw away everything if it doesn't work in an instant.  Yes, even candidates and Presidents.

When you look at the bigger picture, you can see that none of what we've been going through this past 4 years with Obama is really HIS doing.  NO, it's more about what came before him.  The upswing of the economy was an aberration with the Internet and the fast money and the banks loaning frivolously and without regard to law really.  Of course he had responsibility for changing things, and he has done more than people give him credit for.

War, (at least Iraq)  was really unnecessary, went into full swing and fed the corporate gluttons that were Bush's friends.

Then the economy dumped.

Obama came in with his plate so full, that not only did he have to sift through the shit he was handed but to work with a Congress that from the get-go wanted him to fail.  All you have to do is google that.

So of course we all have struggled for the past 4 years.  Never in my wildest dreams would I believe it to be as widespread as it has become.  The poor are now also those that make nearly 40K a year, really? 

And we again mustn't forget that all the while, CEO's and corporate and top public officials are still making top salaries.  Not to mention Healthcare Insurance mucky mucks.

I've decided not to source any of my comments today, I've said a lot over the years, I've said a lot this weekend on my page, siting different articles and opinions. 

I basically write to say, taking out  the person in office today will lead to a bigger black hole.  More of what we saw the 8 years prior to Obama, and worse.

Those of you who know me more than a face online, know that unions are under attack.  That is a direct reflection of corporate $$$$ in politics and their agenda.  Break down unions, bring wages and benefits down, to feed their pocketbook and keep labor from having any power.

After watching what happened in Wisconsin, all over the nation and in my own state and county government, it's a big big movement.  Don't let anyone tell you different.  Koch Brothers funded Wisconsin's governor, and you bet they're in the mix all over the country.  It's no secret what's behind Romney camp, they just try to hide it.

I think what's most sad though is Ann Romney's speech:
Ann Romney at the RNC 

Kat Geiselman hits it on the head for me:

Ann Romney May Love Me, but I don't Love Her

What concerns me most is I don't feel she represents ME as a woman.  A white woman.  It's creepy, but I feel nervous that she would work to roll back any freedoms women have come to have over the past 50 years.  Kate mentions too that she feels she is genuine, but watching the video, I didn't feel so.

I love you WOMEN!!  uhmmm yeah, ok.  Sorry, my cynicism was up.

Kate mentions this in particular in her article: 

"It incenses me when womanhood is reduced to maternity and marital status. But what’s spooky about Ann Romney is that she is utterly sincere. Her view of the women she “loves” is just that narrow. I believe she empathizes with the stories she has heard about struggling families. I even believe she has struggled. But her view of the world -- and modern womanhood in particular -- is chillingly limited, and is echoed profoundly in her party’s rhetoric. Yet she doesn’t even hear what she’s saying."

Read Kate's article in full, she says it better than I ever could.  I had some of her same questions.

So it's time to dig in and chant again for the Democratic ticket even though I've been silent mostly, and also not altogether happy with some of Obama's policy.

Obama is the only choice this election cycle.  I'm marching with Labor.
Unions Member on Obama: "He Did Save Our Jobs"


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