interesting day

Today began with my hard boiled eggs exploding, my kitties running wild and knocking over yet for the upteenth time two chairs they hurdle and my phone being left on the charger at home.

The phone being left at home was the best thing that's happened so far.

I've had a day without checking two email accounts, the facebook page, the words and phrases with friends games, the weather, the time in tokoyo, and even the clock.  WOW!

On my break I actually had time to sit and review the NYTimes as I used to before smartphone days, getting to the Op-Ed page and pondering and even feeling like writing again.  Something about the newspaper, reading and glancing and taking time to let your mind be without distraction, that allows the thoughts to gel and initiative to write surfaces.

The article that caught my attention today was in the Op-Ed section, regarding our food.

Being I've been focusing on our agriculture and agribusiness and the fields in particular, I read this article and thought it something worth sharing.

Our Coming Food Crisis
 by Gary Paul Nabhan, manages to cover the span of our heat wave, the growing economic cost of food, climate change legislation, water retention, green waste and even the seed crisis... needless to say a good article.
And yay, my lunch is over and I was able to spit out a few words again, just for the hell of it.


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