Until we meet again . . .

Several friends have asked me about my trip recently, and about posting photos and my blog.

I’ve decided to visit my son before leaving, so this will be my last “blog” before heading out.  

I think it best for me to just post at one place.  

I will be updating my photo/sketches/story via my Facebook Art page located here: 

So if you’d like to follow, be sure to go to the page and like the page to get the notices.

It’s going to be a busy last couple of weeks before leaving, so have a great couple of months!!  I will hope to hear from you via Facebook, and that’s where I’ll leave any updates.

Have a great Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  I will be wandering during those holidays between Giverny France ending up in Copenhagen and the north of Denmark.

My best wishes to all of you!!  Since I’m not going to take my computer, I will update when I can!

Avoir un merveilleux Octobre et Novembre!

Heb een prachtige oktober en november!

Haben eine wunderbare Oktober und November!

Har en vidunderlig oktober og november!

See you mid-December!


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