This was written 9/11/2015 . . . saved as a draft and never published.  I published tonight because I'm here reading a friends blog and looked at mine.  Oh well.  I started writing on the webpage, now it's the art page and i feel inclined to have to write specifically about my art projects.  Feeling glum.

There are times when I have a lot to say, and tell myself to stay calm and be quiet.  Today, I'm feeling like sharing what's been happening since March, my last update.

Some of you know I was very involved this past year in finding my family roots, including trekking the countryside to photograph and physically "be" there, and experience those places my ancestors walked and grew up.

I followed my father's side this year, my Farmor came from Danish roots, both of her parents immigrating from Jylland, Denmark.

Lucky for me, the farm that my great grandfather was born in, is still standing.

A forest that my family helped plant is flourishing, a big part of the community and is one of the most magical places I've ever been.

Update (5/2017) I was told the farm no longer exists, the big farms took over.  Makes me sad, but glad i got to see it while I was there.


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